FAI Club Covid-19 Survey

FAI Club Covid-19 Survey

February 12, 2021

As part of the FAI ongoing analysis of the effects of COVID-19 on Irish football, we have compiled a survey which we now ask you to share with all your Clubs, with a request to have this returned by all adult amateur and underage clubs. The purpose of this survey is to give us a greater understanding of how our clubs have been affected by the demands placed on them during the pandemic. The experience they gained in 2020 will be hugely informative on a number of fronts as we engage with Government and all agencies on a return for football as soon as it is possible in 2021 and also on the issue of financial aid for our clubs ahead of that return to play.


The survey highlights key areas of interest ahead of our next presentation to the Government when we will present our findings and relate how they will shape any future request for state support for our Grassroots game across all affiliates.


Please ask your clubs to be as accurate as they can with the information we now require and to consider their COVID-19 experience in the whole when responding. Note, this is not a grant application but it will be a hugely important tool for us when the Association next approaches the Government about support for clubs in 2021.


we would appreciate it if the survey could be completed no later than Tuesday 23rd February.

You can access the survey by CLICKING HERE